Springloop Mission for B-Corporation Certification

Springloop Cooperatie U.A. is working on becoming certified as a B-Corporation — a Benefit Corporation.

Here is the update of our mission statement:

“The mission of Springloop Coöperatie U.A., a Dutch-registered coöperative assocation. is to engage in projects, interventions, and reseach that leave the world better than we find it. We charge fees for our services and earn enough that we can co-finance some unpaid work that we find relevant and important.

Our areas of intervention are waste prevention, re-use waste management, recycling, circular economy, sustainability, energy conservation and energy use minimisation, neutrality, CO2 reduction, sustainable energy generation, democratic and participative governance processes, human and minority rights.

Our main professional activities are (paid and unpaid) consulting, advice, participation in expert groups (for example for the SDGs or revision of standards), project co-ordination, auditing of energy and waste systems, research, experimentation, action research, writing, project coaching, training, monitoring, evaluation, and pilot projects.

The members of the association are practitioners in solid waste and recycling, sustainable energy, human rights, environment, social, labour and sustainability work. Our current members are from the Netherlands, Tanzania, Serbia, and the USA. Our membership is open to like-minded professionals from all countries, sexes, races, etc. Besides our members, we partner with independent colleagues in international communities of practice, as contractors and sub-contractors.

In our 2019 Annual Meeting on January 25 2019 we added additional members:

Three candidate members became full members:

Dr. Alodia William Ishengoma (Tanzania)

Ms. Rachel Savain (USA)

Ms. Sonja Barbul (Serbia)

One candidate member, Ing. Paddy Noë, has dropped his candidate status because of a planned sabbatical.

One candidate member, Jelena Nesic, is considering whether she becomes a full member.

Two potential members, Ing. Jeroen IJgosse and Ms. Portia Sinnott, are still in the pre-candidate stage but co-operate with Springloop on a regular basis.