Special Issue of Resources Journal

Recycling In Emerging Economies: Practical Considerations for the Circular Economy in Fast-Growing Middle-income Cities and Countries

Actually, I am going beyond the intention of Resources Journal editor, and I propose to use this process to create a small discussion community on the issues around re-use and recycling in emerging economies. So I am asking Verele, who manages the Springloop website (alongside her work for WASTE), to set up a section for authors and reviewers so that we have a place to share our ideas. One reason for sending this email is so that Verele has a list, and can create “closed access” for you to introduce yourself and your interests, post entries or upload materials, including previous things you have written, and generally that we get to know each other and our interests and develop a kind of common line of thinking. So if you get an email from Verele with instructions, you know what that is about.