Another ISWA Publication Prize

The report “Inclusion of Informal Collectors into the Evolving Waste Management System in Serbia, A Roadmap for Integration” has won second prize in the 2018 International Solid Waste Management (ISWA) Publication Awards. The detailed research on informal collecting and recycling in Serbia was part of the Impact 2 Project of the GIZ (German International Co-operation) office in Serbia. Springloop’s Anne Scheinberg edited and finalised the report based on extensive research done by three teams, one of which under leadership of Springloop member Jelena Nesic. Staff of GIZ will accept the award at the ISWA World Congress in Malaysia.

Scheinberg’s two earlier ISWA publication awards include shared first prize in 2016 for the book Valuing Informal Integration, Inclusive Recycling in North Africa and the Middle East (GIZ 2016, available from this website or in English, French, or Spanish) and first prize together with David C. Wilson and Ljiljana Rodic and an international team of co-authors and contributors, for Solid Waste In the World’s Cities in 2010, part of UN-Habitat’s series Water and Sanitation in the World’s Cities.