Springloop Cooperatie U.A. is our answer to today’s pressing need for clear thinking and practical action in relation to materials and energy. Information is central to our vision: decisions need to be based on facts, not assumptions, and we are experts at measuring, consulting, and developing real quantitative and qualitative data and information.

Springloop serves the goals of promoting energy and materials policies and practices that have a future. Fairness and equity are important in this picture, as is footprint. We work to globalise ideals of modest living standards, energy and resource efficiency, and inclusive policies for participation of the public and of private and social enterprises. We work on giving our clients better systems and a smaller environmental footprint. If successful, our work creates spaces for everyone to have a “normal” life, secure livelihood, adequate health care, access to clean water and air, and adequate shelter in clean cities or rural areas. We chose to register a co-operative because we ourselves are social entrepreneurs, seeking to anchor our own livelihoods in the type of enterprises we support in other countries.